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Engineering News

Date: May 2008
SSE Launches  MDS entraNet 2400 high speed IP/Ethernet radio. Best suited to industrial applications ..  More ....



  Measure ] Detect ] Control ]  
  Managing energy is a complex process - it involves a synergy of technical acumen, practical methodologies, and sophisticated instrumentation. While documenting different parameters can be achieved easily, it takes a thoughtfully designed strategy to utilize the available information into a knowledge-based system.

Recognizing this need to formulate a structured approach to energy management, Conzerv has devised a 3-step plan which manifests the comprehensive requirements of energy saving.

The three steps in Conzerv's Energy Management System are:
  Measure, Detect and Control.  
Our made-to-measure digital meters help you monitor and log critical parameters round-the-clock and with clockwork precision.

Post-measurement, our auditing services identify energy losses in the system, and the measures needed to optimize energy usage.

Once the parameters have been measured and critical energy-loss junctures identified, our Energy Management System team will analyze and build a customized, real-time monitoring and control system that ensures minimized energy losses and maximized power factors.

The 3-step plan integrates each intricate facet of energy management - right from measuring the parameters to know what the status quo is; to evaluating and auditing to know where exactly in the system energy could and should be saved; and finally developing a solution that enables the necessary know-how for efficient energy management.

Simplified, yet not simplistic, this linear methodology integrates Conzerv's metering products, auditing services and Energy Management System software, to provide a customized, turnkey solution which will optimize energy usage and substantially lower energy costs.