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Engineering News

Date: May 2008
SSE Launches  MDS entraNet 2400 high speed IP/Ethernet radio. Best suited to industrial applications ..  More ....

  ECO E Energy Management Products & Solutions  
  General Information  
  Product Range  
  ECO Soft Software Modules  

1.    ECO Soft is configured to manage and control the load switches and the Eco Controller. The software has the Load Control Module which is configured to do domestic load shedding of hot water cylinders, air conditioners and other appliances.

  ECO Load  

The ECO Load load switch is used where bi directional communications and local control are not required.

Typical applications would be hot water cylinders and air conditioners.

  ECO Control  

ECO Control Unit is used at remote location to control and shed large plant loads such as pumps, industrial plant, other machinery and processes. It has bi-directional communications & can monitor alarms as well as make use of a diverse range of communications types.