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Engineering News

Date: May 2008
SSE Launches  MDS entraNet 2400 high speed IP/Ethernet radio. Best suited to industrial applications ..  More ....

  MDS 4710 ] [ MDS OEM ] entraNet 2400 ]  
  MDS OEM Data Radio  
  The MDS OEM SERIES product is a complete family of value priced reliable 2 Watt (Max) Data (Digital) Radios for private point-multipoint SCADA and other Telemetry applications.

Physical Dimensions
165(W)mm x 44(H)mm x 120(D)mm

Power Supply Requirement
10 to 30Vdc
Rx Supply Current - 75mA typical @ 13.8Vdc
Tx Supply Current - 480mA typical @ 13.8Vdc
Power Output adjustable 0.1 2 Watt

Data Interface
RS-232 through DB-25 Connector
Baud Rates Supported at Interface Port: 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps
Data Latency < 15 ms typical

Frequency - 330 to 512MHz with 6.25KHz increments to any MAS channel pair
Temperature Range 60oC to -30oC
Humidity 0 to 95% @ 40oC
Data Performance - 1 x 10-6 @ -108dBm
Duty Cycle - 50%
Key-Up time - 2ms
ETSI 400MHz (4800 bps)
Low current consumption and sleep modes for solar powered applications
Keys on data
Key line output for keying external devices on receive
Configures via HHT, MDS Configuration Software or OEM processor

Gas/Oil Production and Distribution
Water, Gas and Electric Utilities
Traffic Control
Industrial Process Control
Railroad Communication System