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Engineering News

Date: May 2008
SSE Launches  MDS entraNet 2400 high speed IP/Ethernet radio. Best suited to industrial applications ..  More ....

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  Digi-Peating (Digital Repeating) – (Store & Forward)
Digi-Peating is a method by which a message can be stored and then forwarded to a destination station through other SSE-RTU12 remote stations. Three intermediate SSE-RTU12 Stations can be used to digi-Peat (repeat) the message to reach the destination station. Thus, any SSE-RTU equipped remote station can be used to reach stations at far end points. It eliminates the use of expensive repeaters.

The SSE-RTU12 is totally configurable by using the Configuration Toolbox of the SSE-OPC Server. The SSE-OPC Server can be used to configure and program hundreds of settings and options available in the SSE-RTU12.

Fault Finding
The SSE-OPC Server can also be used to configure the SSE-RTU12, and has powerful features by which detailed and comprehensive fault finding tests can be executed on the SSE-RTU12.

PLC Programmability
The SSE-RTU12 can also be programmed to be used to execute control and other PLC decision making tasks. Although it does not have the quick cycle times of a PLC, complex tasks can still be executed. The PLC instruction set programming can be done inside the SSE-OPC Server programming and configuration Toolbox and can then be remotely downloaded via any of the selected communication medium.

Not only local control can be done, but also remote control. Any SSE-RTU12can control any other SSE-RTU12 through a selected communication medium.

Intelligent Data Logging

A very powerful logger is part of the SSE-RTU12 functionality. The logger can log data under the following conditions:

· Log user selectable digital inputs on change of state, either high going or low going edges.
· Log user selectable analogue inputs on user definable change of value. The analogue input can be averaged over a user definable time period and the average can then be logged.
· Log user selectable digital inputs and/or analogue input on user selectable regular time intervals such as every 5 Sec, or 5 Minutes, etc.