Customised to suit your requirements

With the growing global economy, the demand to develop energy solutions that will curb the carbon footprint is a daily reminder. Therefore, SSE has developed numerous models to assist companies in creating monitoring and trending tools to assess life data from these projects.

One of the most essential requirements for connecting a large project to the transmission system is to monitor these sites via Remote Telemetry. Remote Telemetry allows the client to obtain real-time information on the interface as well as equipment-status of CTs, circuit breakers, signals, etc. This information allows the Client to run real-time analytics required to ensure the stability of the network.

SSE has developed numerous models to perform end-to-end tests to ensure that all signals are being properly transmitted and received in the Control Room. Depending on client needs, we secure the clients’ data to ensure maximum up-times. Users are connected to devices via web based applications to allow operators to manage these networks.