Maestro 8 Channel RS232 Multiplexer - SSE

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This module is used to connect additional discrete RS232 serial communication ports to the SSE-MAESTRO M2000 or RTU12.  One of the RS232 ports of the CPU gets wired to this module, which will multiplex the RS232 communication. This module can only be used where the CPU communicates as master to other Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s).
The module is connected to the SSE-MAESTRO via a 26-Way ribbon Bus connecter..

            Minimum        : 9VDC.
            Typical            :13,8VDC.
            Maximum       : 15VDC.

Key Features

Physical Dimension
  • Length           : 131mm
  • Width             : 27mm
  • Height            : 114mm

    EIA 232 (x8)
    • Serial Communication Ports (300 to 57600 bps)
    • Programmable to Switch Ports

    Connection Sockets
    • Expansion Bus and Unit Power: 26-Way Ribbon.
    • RS232 ports: Three 10-Way pluggable screw terminal connectors

    Ordering Information
    • SSE-RS232MX for Maestro M2000 or RTU12
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