Maestro Multi I/O Module - SSE

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This module is used to connect additional discrete Inputs and Outputs to the SSE-MAESTRO M2000 or RTU12. This Unit duplicates the I/O configuration found on the SSE-MAESTRO. This  module therefore adds another 8 x Digital Inputs, 8 x Digital Outputs and 8 x Analogue Inputs. The unit is connected to the SSE-MAESTRO and powered via a 26-Way ribbon Bus connecter.

            Minimum        : 9VDC.
            Typical            :13,8VDC.
            Maximum       : 15VDC.

Key Features

Physical Dimension
  • Length           : 131mm.
  • Width             : 27mm.
  • Height            : 114mm.
Supply Current
  • Analog Input  : 4 – 20mA, or Voltage inputs.
  • Digital Input   : Opto - Isolated 2, 5 KV RMS.
  • Digital Output : Open Drain 250mA – 600mA sinking.
Digital Input (DIN)
  • 8 Channel Opto-Isolated 2, 5KV RMS Isolation.

Digital Output (DOT)
  • 8 Channels : 8 Channel Open Drain 250mA – 600mA sinking

Analog Input (AIN)
  • 8 Channel Single Ended – 12 Bit Resolution.
Connection Sockets
  • Expansion Bus and Unit Power: 26-Way Ribbon.
  • I/O’s: Either through three pluggable 14-Way ribbon connectors to BBDI protection modules, or through three pluggable 10-Way screw terminal connectors.
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