SSE Telemetry Instrumentation

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

SSE have a range of Ultrasonic Level Transmitters suited to your needs. From self-powered units to loop powered units. These units easily integrate into the SSE Telemetry Systems to give you accurate levels and status of your Reservoir or sump level. APPLICATIONS:WATERSEWERAGE 2000n series compact version Ultrasonic level meter The sensor of the meter pulses…

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

APPLICATIONS:WATER FLOW METERSFUEL FLOW METERSOIL FLOW METERS Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter SSE have a range of Ultrasonic Flow Meters suited for all applications. Being a Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter installation is extremely easy, thereby reducing cost of installation, no need to drill into pipes, no cutting and fitting of flanges on pipes, etc. You…

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MultiTrode is a world leader in pump station management systems, with customers in the USA, Australia, Asia, South America and Europe. MultiTrode probes are unsurpassed for rugged reliability, cost effectiveness and simplicity. Designed for the tough, turbulent conditions found in water, sewage and industrial tanks and sumps, the probes can be found in the simplest…

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