SCADA Software is designed fully compatible with comprehensive range of AQUAS products, consisting of remote configuration, monitoring, control, Google Earth fusion display, flow chart, data table, statistical analysis, transient pressure analysis, alarm summary, trend and report functions.

AQWEB provide user-friendly WEB solution to make faster operation, monitoring, diagnostics and analysis across the complete water applications from anytime and anywhere. For highly distributed application structure such as water/wastewater, oil and gas, it is very efficient to use AQWEB as operator stations on the internet.

Key Features

  • Seamless SCADA sys tem connection
  • SCADA software connection such as iFix, Wonderware, Citect,etc.
  • Multi-threaded design with high performance
  • Firewall friendly

Simple System Setup and Diagnosis

  • Auto connection over the intranet/internet on startup
  • Eliminate the headache of DCOM setting
  • Easy view of system configuration and tag status using tree structure graphical display

Easy Tag Generation

  • Import/Export the tags list by Excel CSV file
  • Provides BOOL, INT, DINT, UNIT, UDINT, REAL and STRING data types
  • Definable multiple bits or single bit for I/O register
  • Compatible with OPC Device, GROUP, TAG structure
  • Multiple signals simulation functions

Support Cellular and Wireless Dynamic IP

Allows AQUAS remote devices communication via Cellular or wireless network using dynamic IP addresses

OPC Standard Compliance

  • Data Access V.10, V2.5A, V3.0
  • Data Access Automation Interface Standard V2.0
  • OPC Common Definition and Interface Standard V1.0
  • OPC Complex Data V1.0