Saving 1kWh will save you 1kg Carbon and 1.32 litres of Water!

Ask yourself what you need to sell to achieve the same effect to your bottom line?”

Data is absolutely fundamental to energy management and is at the core of all decisions that are made. Validating the data that is received from suppliers, data collectors and sub-meters is paramount to ensure that the information we act upon is correct.

How can we help you?

Through Energy, Carbon & Water Management Services

  • As leaders in innovation, we believe our regulatory, management systems and technical knowledge, experience and capacity are well positioned to propose solutions best suited for our clients and if necessary, followed by implementation of strategies, monitoring and targeting and where needed cutting edge technology with the utmost precision and backed with a solid business case.
  • Companies & Entities need to manage their energy demand and meet both regulatory and value chain obligations to reduce their carbon emissions and direct energy and water demands.
  • By implementing energy-efficiency measures, companies can improve their business productivity, competitiveness and innovation as well as access to energy efficiency financial subsidies and tax incentives.