The SSE Switched Mode Power Supply product was designed to replace the existing SSE Power Supply. It improves over the previous design in terms of improved operating efficiency, lower heat generation and intelligent monitoring.

The new design has the ability to communicate its current state in real time to the attached Maestro CPU, giving a user the ability to monitor and log voltages and currents as well as battery and AC state. It also adds cost flexibility by allowing different internal OEM PSU units to be selected depending on application requirements. Finally the new power supply was designed to be easier and quicker to manufacture and service.

Key Features

  • Supports various OEM PSU units
  • Monitoring of main power output voltage and current
  • Monitoring of battery charge/load voltage and current
  • Monitoring of AC and battery status
  • Low current 5V output
  • Individual output and status indicators
  • Separate switches and fuse for Maestro and panel power
  • Fused AC input
  • Simplified wiring
  • Free air convection cooling
  • Battery Backup (UPS) capability (using a seal lead-acid battery)
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Supports old, current and next generation Maestro’s


Base PCB designed to support 4.2A panel power output and 3A charger output
Max measurable voltage: 14V (panel/ Maestro and Battery)
5V output: 1A max
Single 13.8V (12V) SLA battery only

Power supply specifications are determined by the OEM PSU module used.

  • Meanwell PSC-100:
  • Input: 90~264VAC, 47~63Hz
  • Output: 13.8V (tuneable), max 7.2A (split between DC output and battery charge)
  • Battery charge: max 3A
  • Rated power: 100W
  • Short circuit, overload and over-voltage protection
  • Battery low, battery polarity protection