Robustel RobustVPN cloud VPN portal is a web VPNservice designed to provide easy and secure remote access for PLCs and machines.

RobustVPN is a VPN software suite to help you setup secure VPN tunnels between Robust VPN and remote R3000 routers, so that you can get access to the remote site from anywhere, any time. RobustVPN provides a user-friendly web-based GUI and makes VPN network deployment easier.

  • 1000+ Devices Management

  • Multi-users & Multi-access

  • Plug & Play

  • Remote Configuration

  • Secure Internet Access

  • VPN Tunnels

  • Web GUI

Key Features

  • Easy to connect within VPN tunnel
  • Secure internet access to remote stations
  • Attaching various control stations
  • Connection status overview
  • Multi-users and Multi-access
  • Plug & Play
  • Remote Configuration
  • Number of Devices: up to 2000
  • Web GUI

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