Increase profitability with faster and smarter decisions

How do you improve profitability in any operation / business?

Four key areas can be defined: reduce costs, increase turnover, increase productivity, and increase efficiency.  

The only way to achieve the above is to have information timeously available to make decisions.  

Imagine having trackers on 3 or 4 cows/bulls in a herd. Save operating costs (labour cost, fuel, wear of vehicles) by viewing their location via a web page and always knowing where the herd is. Increase efficiency by redirecting staff to other areas of operation. Reduce losses by receiving automatic notifications when something out of the ordinary happens eg. sick animals, robberies (animals leave virtual enclosure), predators.

All the above information is available from 1 IoT device. Now image having IoT water level devices that monitor and report the levels of all the troughs. Alarms will notify you of low water levels which can indicate a blockage in inflow pipe, broken water pump, or just when to refill the troughs. No unnecessary labour and trips to physically inspect the troughs.

Measure and monitoring can be extended to:-

  • Tracking (livestock, assets & people)
  • Weather station (: air temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, barometric pressure, wind speed, gust and direction, solar radiation, precipitation, lightning strike counter, and distance)
  • Pivot irrigation
  • Borehole (water level & pump)
  • Soil (moisture, temperature)
  • Leaf moisture
  • Electric fence
  • Just to mention a few…………..

Having all this data will not necessarily be comprehensive to give you the reports for an overall view. Take all this information, combine it, analyze it and the pieces fall into place:

If the temperature is high with low moisture, then schedule the borehole pump to start pumping water for irrigation. Stop the borehole pump if the soil moisture sensor reaches a predefined value.

Now you can make smarter decisions.

How can we help you ?

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    One web portal for all you data

  • Host data in cloud application

  • Integration of all your data into reports

  • Provide and install IoT hardware devices

  • Consult and provide phased solution

SSE has the experience, knowledge and technology to implement the required hardware, transmit the data to a single cloud application, host your data, analyse it and give you reporting at the click of a button.