Increase profitability with faster and smarter decisions

How do you improve profitability in any operation/business?

Four key areas can be defined as: 

  • reduce costs, 
  • increase turnover, 
  • increase productivity,
  • increase efficiency.  

The only way to achieve the above is to have information timeously available to make decisions.  

Two of the biggest problems in mining are 1.) data and voice communication between underground and surface, and 2.) the mountains of data and information from the different processes and departments stored in separate databases and each having their own reports.

Surface and underground communication made easy:-

The BPL is designed to build communication networks (voice and data), using the existing power cables (uses the conductivity of the cables). This device will transmit data/voice between the surface and underground.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and fast installation using existing power cables with a compact footprint and no additional infrastructure cost.
  • High bandwidth providing multiple services in Ethernet IP for seamless network integration. Low latency compared to cellular technologies for real-time applications.
  • Dedicated and owned network eliminates dependency on telecom providers, coverage problems, and leased line fees, allowing complete priority and control of the data channel.
  • Extends network coverage to places that radio frequencies cannot reach, such as underground chambers and substations.
  • Supports a variety of network topologies such as rings, string lines, and point-to-multipoint matching most of the power grids’ architectures.

KPI reports:-

No need to rush around and scream at the staff to get information. No need to spend hours manually creating a report to make decisions; just to realize the information is old and not relevant anymore.

SSE has developed a system that will deliver your KPI report in a SINGLE web application, with the feature to drill down in the data when you notice an abnormality.  


Now you can make smarter decisions.


  • Transfer between surface and underground data/voice

  • Remote water level monitoring

  • Pit Dewatering

  • Chiller units

  • Underground Fan Systems