Linkworld, established in 1995, specialise in importing GSM signal booster units. The range consist of the well know Amplitec brand. The range was extended to include complimentary products such as antennas, RF connectors and cables.

Linkworld joined the SSE family in 2015 and became SSE-Linkworld. Linkworld will be dropped and known as SSE from now.

SSE have trained skilled technicians over the years and have a vast network of accredited companies across South Africa to assist with installations.

What is signal boosting?

It is hardware that takes an existing weak or fluctuating GSM signal and amplifies the signal to deliver a stronger signal in a certain area. An example is when there is no cellphone reception in a room in your house, but other areas in your house has good reception.

The signal booster solutions include:

Farm solutions –

House solutions –

Office solutions –

Hotel or lodge solutions –

Vehicle solutions –

For assistance contact:-

Wendy Anderson

012 663 4331 ext. 231