SSE Telemetry products


Mikrodev telemetry

Mikrodev’s telemetry equipment offers a wide variety of communication ports and protocols. Expansion IO modules can be added as your application grows. RTU – the unit comes standard with 18DIN, 8DOT, 4AIN, 2AOT & 4Relay Out RTU on-Board IO Specifications Analogue Inputs (AIN): Digital Inputs (DIN): Digital Outputs (DOT): 8 Inputs 8 Inputs, with LED…

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Datalogger by Senquip

Senquip data logger

SENQUIP DATA LOGGER IoT low powered battery operated The array of in-built sensors, ability to interface to any industrial sensor, user programmability, and rugged enclosure means that Senquip telemetry devices can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Key Features WIFI + GSM -CAT-M1 GSM for best possible coverage at least possible power.…

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Managed switches

Managed switches Fast industrial ethernet range Full range of switches:- Industrial networking switches 4 ports6 ports8 ports12 ports4 ports EHG7504 Ports: 4 x 10/100BaseT(X) (RJ45), Full spec 6 ports EH7506 Ports: 6 x 10/100/1000 Base(TX) RJ45 Full spec 8 ports EHG7508 Ports: 8 x 10/100/1000 Base(TX) (RJ45) Full spec 12 ports EHG7512 Ports: 12 x…

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Remote IO

Remote IO Industrial IoT IO5202 Key features Access data through Modbus/TCP/RTU/ASCII Supports MQTT for IIoT applications 2 x redundant LAN ports Support for MQTT Security over TLS Optional WiFI version with Client mode Up to 20 x different I/O combinations available Industrial EMC protection Wide operating temperature range: -40ºC~70ºC* Download (PDF, 524KB)

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V-Wire Short range remote IO Low power wireless remote monitoring & reporting field device. Key features: Field device: 2 x DIN (dry contact) 2 x AIN (4-20mA, 24V sourced) 1 x MODBUS RTU Built-in ISM-band RF transceiver Battery powered Receiving unit: Externally powered, 5 – 18VDC @ 580mA (when transmitting) Modbus RTU slave Download (PDF,…

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Aquas sensor range

Aquas on-line sensors Quality sensors Range: Level Hydrostatic Level SMR02 Radar Level SMR61   Flow velocity Ultrasonic Flow Velocity SMR60 Radar Flow Velocity SMR63   Basic Water Quality pH SMR04 ORP SMR05 EC SMR07 TDS SMR08 DO SMR09 Turbidity SMR10 Salinity SMR11 SS SMR12 Color SMR47   Nutrients: NO3 SMR21 NH4-N SMR23 TN SMR75  …

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