IoT data loggers

Datalogger by Senquip

Senquip data logger

SENQUIP DATA LOGGER IoT low powered battery operated The array of in-built sensors, ability to interface to any industrial sensor, user programmability, and rugged enclosure means that Senquip telemetry devices can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Key Features WIFI + GSM -CAT-M1 GSM for best possible coverage at least possible power.…

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Sigfox data logger

SIGFOX DATA LOGGER IoT low powered battery operated Key Features Store ≤ 500,000 logged data points Inputs : voltage (7V…30V), 4-20 mA, digital, counter, Modbus Outputs : voltage (7V…30V), open collector, Modbus Communication : Sigfox / HF / Modbus / GSM / GPRS / 3G Acquisition of multiple parameters eg. quality, level, pressure, flow Battery…

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