This module is used mainly for Digital Input Lightning protection. No isolation is available on this module but the SSE MAESTRO M2000 or RTU12 and other DIN module have optical isolation.

The module is supplied by 12V that is supplied as common to 8 switching points on the plant. The module is ribbon connected to the SSE MAESTRO M2000 or RTU12.

Key Features

Physical Dimension
  • Length           : 61mm
  • Width             : 42mm
  • Height            : 80mm


Connection Sockets
  • 14-Way Ribbon to the RTU or I/O Modules.
  • 2 x 8 way termination connectors.
  • 4 Way Power supply 12V+, Ground.


  • 10kA per channel.
  • Maximum input voltage: 30VDC
Channel (IO) Options available
  • Four Channels.
  • Eight Channels.


Ordering Information
  • Four Channels: SSE-BBDI4
  • Eight Channels: SSE-BBDI8
  • Minimum : 9VDC.

  • Typical : 3,8VDC.

  • Maximum : 15VDC.