The Maestro telemetry system & modules are designed & manufactured in South Africa by SSE for over 24 years

It’s modularity allows the user to configure and select modules according to the required DIN, DOT, AI & AOT.

RTU – the unit comes standard with 8DIN, 8DOT & 8AIN

RTU on-Board IO Specifications
Analogue Inputs (AIN): Digital Inputs (DIN): Digital Outputs (DOT):
8 Inputs 8 Inputs, with LED status display 8 Outputs, with LED status display
12 Bit Resolution Opto-Isolated Open Collector
0.1 % Accuracy 5 kV isolation 250mA sinking per channel
Single ended    



  • Powerful-modular software design.
  • Real-time I/O device.
  • Intelligent Data Logger.
  • Remote time stamping of event and logged data.
  • Totally configurable and programmable from the Picasso Configuration Toolbox.
  • Modular and easily expandable.
  • EMI Protection.
  • Programmable with “PLC” type instruction set.
  • Industrial standard high speed 16 bit processor.
  • On-Board 1Meg-Word Flash and 2Meg-Word non volatile RAM.
  • On-Board Real-time clock and watch-dog timer.
  • On-Board LED’s indicating the Digital Input and Digital Output Status.
  • Interface with PLC’s, Intelligent Flow meters, controllers, etc. via communication Orchestra.
  • 24 I/O’s on the main processor board of the SSE- MAESTRO, 8 DIN, 8 AIN, 8 DOT.
  • Additional I/O modules can be added through the parallel expansion bus.