The Maestro T1 Modem is a GSM Cell Phone Modem used for data communication with the SSE-MAESTRO M2000 or RTU12 via GSM Cell Phone Networks. The module is connected to the SSE-MAESTRO via a 26-Way ribbon Bus connecter as explained below.

Supply Voltage:

Minimum : 9VDC.
Typical : 13,8VDC.
Maximum: 15VDC.
Supply Current: 2.4A peak

Key Features

Physical Dimension
Length : 131mm
Width : 27mm
Height : 114mm

Communication Options on modem

GPRS (auto connect)

Connection Sockets

Expansion bus and power : 26-Way Ribbon
2 x RS232 ports: RJ-45 EIA-561 Compliant
Optional power plug: Phone jack.

Communication Ports

1 x RS232 Serial Ports RJ-45 EIA-561 Compliant (either PC or RTU connection)
One RF Connection to Antenna