MultiTrode is a world leader in pump station management systems, with customers in the USA, Australia, Asia, South America and Europe.

MultiTrode probes are unsurpassed for rugged reliability, cost effectiveness and simplicity. Designed for the tough, turbulent conditions found in water, sewage and industrial tanks and sumps, the probes can be found in the simplest and the most complex water and wastewater management systems around the world.

  • MultiTrode has installed more than 12,000 pump controllers and station supervisors in pump stations worldwide, and probes in more than 100,000 pump stations.

  • With offices in the USA and Australia, the company has provided water and wastewater solutions to municipal authorities throughout the world for almost 20 years.

  • MultiTrode level sensors and control systems are used in a variety of municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • Excellent in turbulence
  • Short & long term cost savings
  • Environmentally friendly Safe, low sensing voltage
  • Unaffected by fat, grease, debris and foam
  • Positive pump cut-out
  • Safe – MTISB Barrier

Reliable in all conditions

Operation is unaffected by build up of fat, grease debris and foam, which causes other systems such as floats, bubblers, pressure and ultrasonic transducers to fail. Turbulence does not affect the probe operation. The rugged, streamlined design eliminates tangling and is ideal for confined spaces.

Positive pump cut-out

Operational consistency is important to longevity, low maintenance and cost control. The positive pump cut-out ensures pumps are turned off at the same level every time. This avoids damage due to pump over run and the cost of additional control equipment.

Safe for people and environment

The extra low sensing voltage ensures operators and maintenance staff are protected. All MultiTrode products are environmentally safe, containing no mercury or other harmful contaminants.

Cost savings

The low cost of equipment, installation and maintenance makes MultiTrode one of the most efficient level control systems available. Plus robust construction and longevity ensures continued cost savings when compared to other systems on the market.

Standard and custom probes

MultiTrode manufactures a wide range of standard probes, from a single sensor (200mm) to a ten-sensor probe (1000mm increasing to a maximum of nine metres). Custom probes can be manufactured to suit your requirements.


Installation is straightforward. Probes are easy to install without entering the wet area. The probe is simply lowered in from the top and suspended by its own cable, using the