Supporting a broad range of options and with an excellent reliability and price/performance ratio, RAy2 is your perfect product of choice for every application.

RAy2 is the latest high-speed point-to-point microwave link developed and manufactured in entirety by RACOM, a global leader development and production of high performance, industrial grade wireless equipment.

Benefitting from customer feedback, collected from thousands of units of its successful predecessor RAy – this proven concept has been further enhanced and improved. The concept of RAy2 technology, based on excellent sensitivity and interference resistance, allows the user to build links with high capacity over long distances, while maintaining a maximum link availability.

  • FREE & licensed bands

  • Interference tolerant

  • Long range

  • Low power consumption

  • LAN Extension

  • Internet providers


Key Features

  • Applications
    Extension of LAN network
    • Corporate clients
    • Fiber line replacement
    • Building to building interconnect
    • Key advantages:
      • Low and constant latency < 0.1 ms
      • Two user ports available
      • Ethernet, layer L2 transparent
      • Excellent resistance to interference
    Internet providers (ISP)
    • Backbone and hi-priority last-mile
    • Heavy traffic with multiple TCP streams
    • Key advantages:
      • Free and ISM licensed bands
      • Both optical and metallic port
      • IPTV proven solution
      • Web interface including diagnostics
      • Standard SNMP+ SNMP traps VLAN management


    Telemetry and SCADA
    • Maximum emphasis on reliability and response speed of the networks
    • High speed backbone
    • Small data packets have to be processed as fast as possible
    • Key advantages:
      • High reliability
      • 24 VDC powering
      • Longe range links, narrow channels
      • Low OPEX costs