The SSE Fingerprint Reader/Scanner (FPR) is a device that compliments the operation of the Maestro M2000 or RTU12 CPU in giving the system the capability of scanning/reading and verifying user fingerprints.

SSE database can accommodate 255 individual users with up to five templates (fingerprint) per user (up to 1275 templates in total). The fingerprints are stored on the reader.

The Fingerprint reader can be used to allow access to a site, verify the person trying to gain access, log and advise who the person that gained access including the time and date the access was granted.

Furthermore, there are NO control wires between the FPR and the RTU/CPU. Only the RS232 communication wires and possibly the power supply wires. The FPR needs to communicate with the RTU/CPU and the RTU/CPU must actually control the access to the protected area. This eliminates the possibility of an intruder trying to cut and short wires to gain access to an access-controlled area.

The front panel of the FPR houses the fingerprint scanner and three LED indicators, namely READY, VALID/INVALID and LOGGED IN.

  • Input Voltage: 10 - 28VDC

  • Current consumption (Full operation): 250mA

  • Current consumption (Idle): 130mA

Key Features

Physical Dimension
  • Length           : 133mm
  • Width             : 115mm
  • Height            : 92mm