SSE have a range of Ultrasonic Level Transmitters suited to your needs. From self-powered units to loop powered units. These units easily integrate into the SSE Telemetry Systems to give you accurate levels and status of your Reservoir or sump level.




2000n series compact version Ultrasonic level meter

The sensor of the meter pulses in the direction of the production surface.There, they are reflected back and received by the sensor.The meter measures the time t between pulse transmission and reception.The meter uses the time t(and the velocity of sound c) to calculate the distance D between the sensor membrane and the product surfacre:D=c x t/2

As the device knows the installation height H from a user entry,it can calculate the level as following:L=H-D

An integrated temperature sensor compensates for changes in the velocity of sound caused by temperatures changes.


  • Measurement range:0-50m
  • Variety of forms selection
  • Fareastone Signals output
  • PLC system monitoring
  • High precision,easily installed


  • Chemical plant: acid, alkali and other chemical raw material level
  • Environmental protection: sewage level detection
  • Cement: storage tank level measurement
  • Light industry: cooking oil level detection